Wednesday, 30 November 2011


On the road in Oregon my life clicked over into my 28th year...........aaarrggghhhh so old!!!! After a brief thought of doing some soul searching I decided that was a waste of time. Instead I enjoyed the sensation of spending my birthday doing something awesome and congratulated myself that I was not standing beside a drill rig in Washdyke like I was last year - good work me!!

It was another rainy Oregon day but I had a birthday treat to look forward to. I promised myself a stay in a yurt at the next campsite. These are warm and dry with heaters and electricity............oooooo flash.

So I rode through the rain and wind and arrived at Harris Beach (last stop in Oregon) in time to bag the last yurt. Then took a quick trip to the grocery store and bought some beer and far too much frivilous food. After a hot shower and basking in the warmth and light in the yurt, which by now was totally covered in all my wet stinky gear, I felt in a very celebratory mood. So I drank up, chowed down, had a good yarn to Bruce and generally had a grand old time.

Not a bad way to celebrate surviving to the ripe old age of 28 methinks.

Very soggy birthday breakfast sheltering beside the bathrooms at Humbug Mountain

Morning tea break and another opportunity to stuff my face

Hard not to have a good day with views (and rocks) like these

Whoa a bit to excited about my birthday dinner and being clean and dry..................simmer down

Farewell lovely yurt and Oregon. Bring on California!

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  1. 1. Happy birthdaaaaay!!!! And shut up, because I'm nearly 30 and that's freakin ancient.

    2. Again: Ha, yurt!

    3. You are hilarious. I love you.