Wednesday, 21 September 2011

To Blog or not to Blog?..................

Kia Ora,

Welcome to my still-under-construction blog. Actually it is less under-construction and more me trying to figure out how to do everything!!

Soooo........I am going away on a moderately big cycling trip to the US and everyone was hassling me about starting a blog so they can keep up with the play about where I am and what I am up too. But did I want to jump on that blogwagon?

After much contemplation, soul searching, writing of pros and cons lists (in my mind - whispery voice) and drinking of beer I have decided that it might not be too bad after all..........only time will tell!!

If you are going to follow this blog some things you should know:
  1. I am NOT going to give a day by day report of my cycling adventures with things like how far, where I am and the weather. Facts can be super boring!!
  2. I am NOT going to blog everyday - it will only be when I have time, internet connection and the will to drag myself away from excitement and danger to write about it.
  3. I WILL put more pictures than writing (this post excluded)
  4. Things I like that you can expect to read about - rocks, food, music, people I meet along the way, beer, my bike and other interesting morsels of goodness.
So sit back and I hope you enjoy the ride with me.