Friday, 2 December 2011

MFM and Roundup: Oregon

North Oregon

South Oregon

  • Portland for sure!!
  • My Newport sojourn with Chris and John
  • Oregon State Parks
  • Yurt - tastic birthday at Harris Beach State Park
  • Meeting two other female cyclists on the road but then losing them again
  • The lighthouses
  • Rugged rocks all along the coast
Best Campsite: Cape Lookout State Park

Cycling Stuff: Since starting the ride I have so far got about 4 puntures, which are not actually a problem to fix. However, over time my bike has become more and more filthy so now when I have to fix a puncture I get completely covered in black road filth. Also I cannot seem to change them without skinning one of my knuckles. Just one of those things I guess. So turn up at a campsite a bleeding blackened filth monster.

I should have more to say but I am all tuckered out with being in the city. I need to get back on my bike and back to some campsites to catch up on some sleep. Can't handle the jandal!

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  1. Kia ora darling Greer! Scotty took Bell out for a walk one night last week and came home with four Europeans! They were all sleeping in a small car and hadn't showered for 7 days so they had showers and coffee and beds for the night. I thought of you and was hoping someone was doing the same for you. Sounds like they were; may there be many more of them.
    Just took 6 fourth form boys to Omori to camp on your Dad's lawn and go fishing. Good fun. Dave seems well. The other teacher cleaned his windows and made a roast chicken dinner.We filled the house with noise and a boy game that involved throwing an apple at another's gonads...I didn't play.
    Love you lots.
    Take care.