Thursday, 17 November 2011

MFM and Round-Up: Washington State

Well Washington was pretty sweet. I got to experience what the state looks like in both sunny and rainy weather and both have their merits. Around the Olympic Peninsula it is a very isolated place with very few people and it seems like everyone is just passing through. Often I was the only person in the campgrounds and a lot were closed. I am glad I took my time through the Olympic National Park because it is a very beautiful area that reminds me a lot of the West Coast of New Zealand. Both in terms of scenery and the people that live there.
Olympic National Park

Washington State

Blue lines = cycle route 
Red lines = bus route

Best Campsites: San Jaun Country Park, San Juan Island and  Kalaloch Campground, Olympic National Park.

First Heckle: Well I have been waiting for this for a while and it finally happened. My first day in the Olympic National Park I got my first heckle…….’Get a car!!’ To say I was disappointed is an understatement. C’mon I was hoping for something more original than that!!

Cycling Wisdom: Always wave (even though they probably don’t see) and/or say thank you (even though they definitely cannot hear you) to all the people in cars and trucks who go out of their way to avoid running you over. It is all about the cycling karma. However, save some special swear words for those who do not try and avoid you.
  • Peanut butter goes with everything and is suitable for any meal. But you have to find the right type because a lot of it is gross!!
  • Trying all the different chocolate is not only doing my bit for foreign food research but also an essential part of getting the energy needed to keep going. Oh dear, how sad for me!!
Roadkill Stats: Well this is still very disappointing. Slugs, frogs, caterpillars and other such things still prevail. I have taken to examining the rubbish on the side of the road to gain an insight into American society (I am pretty much the cycling equivalent of David Attenborough). So far I have deduced that the people who throw stuff out of their car window enjoy drinking Bud light, Coors Light, Aquafina water, giant cans of Red Bull and something called Arizona. Poor, poor taste in beer…..tsk tsk.

Distance: more than I had done after Canada but still not very far..........'sigh' Mexico is a REALLY long way away.
Number of rocks collected: 1 from Rialto Beach, it was so dark and mysterious that I could not resist.

  • Olympic National Park (yes all of it!)
  • Camping with some other cyclists at Kalaloch
  • The nice campsite and lovely showers at Cape Disappointment.
  • Cycling the quiet road in the sunshine around the estuary to Cape Disappontment.
For the unbelievers and the only way I can get a photo of myself cycling. Fall sunshine lighting my way up the Sol Duc Valley.

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