Friday, 4 November 2011

Olympic National Park: Coasts

The other two nights I was in the ONP I spent on the west coast in the Mora and Kalaloch campgrounds.
The coast felt a lot more like home that the rainforest did. Big sea stacks, piles of logs and lots of pretty rocks on the beach………hmmmm sounds like I am describing somewhere really familiar………

I was always pleased to escape to the coast because normally the sun shone and I could dry out my gear (well make it marginally drier) and the forest can be a bit oppressive and claustrophobic.

At Kalaloch I caught up with some other cyclists I had seen from afar in Forks a couple of days before. I was so excited it was ridiculous!!!! It was really, really nice to have some other people to camp with and chat too. Three guys from the UK travelling together and one from France, who they meet along the way. All of them on their way to the bottom of South America – crazy buggers!! Fingers crossed I bump into them again along the way somewhere.

Stormy evening at Rialto Beach.

Sunshine at Rialto Beach the following morning.

Sunset at Kalaloch.

Camping with other cyclists at Kalaloch.

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