Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Oregon: South of Newport

Westport to the Oregon-California border was a section of rolling hills, wind, rain, fog, rugged rocks, lighthouses, dunes, wind, rain and fog and then some more rain just for good measure.

First night back camping some animals (dastardly Raccoons I would say but I swear late in the night everything sounds like a bear) got hold of my food pannier, ate half my food and put two holes in it. Lucky duct tape fixes everything!!!

I am told the Oregon Coast if beautiful and the bits I saw were but a lot was shrouded in cloud or torrential rain or just too darn hard to see when cycling into the wind.

Just before I crossed in to California the sun came out.......a good omen?

The number of photos taken also dramatically decreases when the weather is nasty. Therefore, there are not very many sorry!!

Oh woe!!!!......*%^&@#&* raccoons......

........hmmmm not so bad actually once it is cleaned up.......

......hurrah for duct tape!!! (unfortunately it does not actually stand up that well to the constant rain on the west coast and had to be changed several times)

A small part of the Oregon Dunes area

A couple of typical southern Oregon scenes +/- more rain, 'sun', fog, craggy rocks and sea stacks. Wind not included.

Dear Oregon State Parks, I love you. Your cheap campsites, free showers, warm and dry yurts, friendly hosts and lovely locations. Please purchase some food storage boxes for the people with out RVs or cars. I hope to see you again sometime. From Greer

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