Thursday, 24 November 2011

Oregon: Newport

In Portland I meet a lovely lady called Chris who invited me to stayed with her and her partner in Newport on the coast. After a few days on the road and feeling a little sorry for myself for being sick I arrived at their wicked house by the ocean.

I stayed for a few nights and had a wonderful time. I was given a lovely room, feed loads of delicious food, went for a tiki tour around Newport, picked huckleberries, soaked in the hot tub, visited the lighthouse and had my first try of pumpkin pie (delicious!!!!).

Big thanks to Chris and John for a wonderful time and even though I did not sound it I definitely felt a lot better after a few nights of good sleep and proper food. I hope to see you again in New Zealand or America.

Picking huckleberries

Inside the Yaquina Lighthouse

John and I inside the lighthouse

Enjoying some pumpkin pie (delicious!!)

A photo with my hosts (Chris and John) before I hit the road. Thanks so much guys!!!!

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  1. Huckleberries, hehe! I love the world so much when I know there are super awesome people who temporarily adopt random biking strangers.