Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Southern California

After Big Sur the topography really flattened out and the miles seemed to pass with ease. Southern California is an area with so much contrast: ridiculously wealthy areas like Santa Monica and Orange County vs. the homeless people at Venice Beach a few miles down the road, lovely surf beaches and loads of parks next to huge power stations or oil refineries. It was certainly an interesting area to ride through.
Katy, Kristian and I parted ways at Ventura. They were heading over to Phoenix, Arizona for Christmas. It had been a real treat to ride with two such lovely people and I was going to miss their company and Katy’s cooking. I was a bit nervous of cycling thought LA and had planned on getting public transport but it turned out not to be that bad and was actually a very interesting experience!
Santa Monica was underwhelming and the mainly Hollywood based sightseeing did not interest me at all. I spent nearly one week in San Diego and a lot of that time was spent cleaning, organising and packing my bike and gear and spending quite a while arranging freighting of everything. I felt very relieved and free when it had been picked up and all I have left is carry on oohh the freedom!!!!
I have spent my last night in the US at a bar by the beach drinking a few pints of good American beer (yes it does exist!!!), eating seafood tacos and thinking that the next time I have a pint it will be with Ella and Phil in London. Cheers!!!

Really enjoying some forzen yoghurt during a break at San Luis Obispo.

Enjoying the sunset on our last night camping together at Gaviota State Beach.

Empty beach and lonely volleyball nets at Santa Monica.

The murky, smoggy and grey Los Angeles megalopolis I had just biked through.

A typical Southern California scene: lovely water, some surfers, a flash house or two and a big power station.

The USA-Mexican border
(or as close as you can get from where I was unless you are crossing)

My bike enjoying being unloaded and finally at the border!! [you can have a break now little bike]

I also enjoyed finally getting there but not the actual place.

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