Monday, 12 December 2011

California: Redwood Highway

I left Oregon in the sunshine (finally!!) and past through the customs at the border (checking for evil fruit and vege!). The route took me along Highway 101 (which was often a freeway) and also through scenic side roads like the Avenue of the Giants. One day of sunshine did not make up for the huge amount of rain through the redwoods and discomfort of riding on the freeway. However, the big trees were awesome, I had someone to ride with and the rain always stops eventually.

Redwood Highway (California Border to Leggett)

Entering the Redwoods

A lone fisherman enjoying the sunday sunshine at Big Lagoon, Humbolt Lagoons State Park.

Two sides of Big Lagoon, Humbolt Lagoons State Park.

Replica lighthouse, Trinidad.

Sunset in Eureka.

A bike, a cyclist and a really big tree.

Steve riding along The Avenue of the Giants.

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