Tuesday, 20 December 2011

San Francisco to Monterey

After 3 days chilling in San Francisco it was time to get back on the road and get the last haul to San Diego underway. The cycling posse had decreased to myself, Katy and Kristian.

The weather had really got warmer during the day but was still cold at night. We found this out one night when we slept out in the open and woke in the morning with frost on our sleeping bags and belongings.

My cyling attire changed to suit the weather and I discovered the joy of zooming downhill with my hi-vis vest undone so that is flapped behind me kind of like a cape (note to self: buy cycling cape).

The coast line was beautiful, the beer cold and delicious and riding through some of the upmarket areas around Monterey a big eye opener (man some people have a lot of money!!!).

Sunset and beer at Pescadero Beach

More lighthouses.......this time at Pigeon Point

Santa Cruz boardwalk and fun park

Carmel Mission

Pretty ceramics and nice doors at the Carmel Mission

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  1. Ha, cycling cape! I have this feeling you're going to patent the cycling cape and become very very rich. And my feelings are never wrong.