Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Big Sur

Hmmmm where to begin....................Big Sur is AWESOME and I LOVED it!!!! Gorgeous coastline, a cliffside road, lots of wildlife, sexy bridges and loads of sunshine.

It is definitely in my Top 5 favourite places I have been! This is probably shown in the large number of photos in this post. However, a lot of them do not have descriptions. This is because they are just enjoyable to look at. So look at them and enjoy it!!!

I have a feeling the Oregon coast would have be similar if it had not been raining all the time. Cuss you rain!!!

mmmmmm pretty rocks

Cyclists on the road to the Big Sur campground

A warm and happy group of cyclists (taken by a nice road worker when we had to stop at one of the bridges)

ooooooo nice coastline AND and sexy bridge


Coastal view from our camping spot at Kirk Creek

Hi Kristian!!! [waves]

The journey southwards continues. This was a rare oppurtunity to get all the road signs we have been staring at for the past 2 months in one photo!.

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  1. Sexy bridges? Indeed! The coast looks super delightful, and new zealand-ish... Are you tricking us all, and you're really still here?