Sunday, 18 December 2011

San Francisco

I was very excited to cross the Golden Gate Bridge and head into San Francisco to spend three days with my friend mia from kindy and college. At the moment we average about 7-10 years between seeing each other, so it was time for a catch up!!

Had a lovely time staying at Mia and Josh's home in the Mission area of the city. Spent a lot of my time cycling around the city just looking at stuff. Unfortunately I did not spend much of that time taking photos - sorry about that. San Francisco is a really beautiful city and if you could see the pictures I have in my head you would agree with me.

  • meeting Josh and hanging out at the Judkins house with them and their crazy cats
  • audio tour of Alcatraz
  • eating lots of ice cream because it was hot!!
  • cycling through Golden Gate Park, Presidio, Mission area, Haight-Ashbury area and along the waterfront
Kite surfers and the Golden Gate Bridge

All of the above area from my visit to Alcatraz

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