Sunday, 14 July 2013

Lima, Peru

A few grey overcast days in Lima was made a bit lighter and happier by an unexpected parade/competition this morning around the corner from our hostel. Every college, primary school, secondary school and preschool in the district turned up with their bands, costumes and teachers. Plus the local police (on foot, bikes AND segways), fire and civil defence. They all paraded infront of the judges for the glory of something (could not understand the spanish that well) and when they won it all the girls shrieked so loudly my ears drums nearly melted.

The little kids were so frickin´cute I just wanted to eat them!! Much more exciting than going into town and looking at old buildings.

Finally heading out of the city tomorrow. Sunshine, cold weather and high mountians here we come!!!


  1. No eating children Miss Greer - that wouldn't be nice!


  2. Totes adorbs. Will you be donning Peruvian garb for the real local experience?

  3. What a wicked welcome. Enjoy the Mountains xxx