Thursday, 12 September 2013

Uyuni Salt Flats and other crazy landscapes

It is kind of unfair how awesome the salt flats, volcanoes, crazy coloured lakes and hotpools on the southern corner of Bolivia are. It is unfair on all those people who have not been because man that place is cuuuuuurrraazzzy and totally awesome at the same time.

We were in one 4WD of a group of three from the same company. We were with two other couples who were really cool, which was lucky because pretty much all you do for three days is sit in a ute and get driven around. There are large distances to cover so there is only timet o get out, take some photos, have a little walk around and then carry on.

1. Salt flats - big, white, flat, go one forever and ever and ever and ever........
Everyone does the perspective photos and we did some too but seriously some people must have taken THOUSANDS of photos. Have some control people. I will tell you a secret though, sometimes I have to confiscate the camera off Bruce because he gets into a weird trace-like state and will not stop taking photos. But seriously we have so many photos that is was hard to sort them for this blog entry.

2. Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna National Reserve.
This place is the amazing. Blue, green and red lakes, flamingos, volcanoes, hot springs, geysers, vast space and sexy rocks. I think Bruce is starting to realise that this holiday is just like a 5 month long geological fieldtrip. heheheheeh I am so cunning. It was hard to capture the huge expanse and crazy geology and scenery in the area with a little point and shoot camera but hopefully the photos help.

There are so many words to describe the area we went through but I am finding it hard to get them out of my head and onto a computer so everyone just has to go there ok. Also it is bit embarrassing going on and on about how outrageously cool something is, so I am just going to leave it to you to come up with some appropriate descriptive words.

Train graveyard 

There was no NZ flag in this bunch - not cool.
Lunch time on the salt flats
Token perspective photo.
Token cactus and Usain Bolt photo

Packing up the 4WD

Intrepid explorer

Red lake, seriously....

'What is it with the red lake?'
Geyser country
Seriously beautiful area and seriously cold too.

Everyone enjoying the hot springs.
Laguan Verde. But was actually white because of ice.
Last border crossing out of Bolivia

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  1. I have to bullet point because I have so much to say.

    - Train graveyard = creepy.
    - So pleased to see Bruce in his orfentik hat.
    - Again, AMAZING photos. Top job.
    - All that brightness makes my head explode. Lucky you have schmancy glasses!
    - A rock nerd, you are (says yoda).