Thursday, 12 September 2013

La Paz and the Journey South

So our run of 2 months of sunshine and lovely weather broke and it was when we had to cycle down 'death road'.

We started at the top in the sunshine but as we headed down the rain and fog came in and we got progressively wetter and colder. The ride starts at 4700m, which is cold enough already, and the first section is on paved road so that everyone can get used to the bikes. After a snack and an attempt to warm up in the bus we started on the famous 'death road'. To be honest I did not get the hype because the cloud was so thick that we could not even see over the cliffs we were riding above, it was just like looking into a void. It was still pretty fun though and as we made our way down it became warmer and the rain started to clear. Bruce had a a great time and was normally in the front group with the 'professionals'. By the time we got to the bottom at 1100m I was starving (no change there) and sick of wearing saturated clothes. Lunch and shower were included and then the long ride back to La Paz.

We had a flight for Sucre booked for the next day because we could not be bothered with the long bus ride. We turned up at the airport in the morning and sat and waited ALL day while it was delayed and delayed and then finally cancelled. So frustrating!! Apparently you cannot fly in the rain in Bolivia. We headed out and found a hotel close to the airport for our flight the next day. However, dum dum DUM!!! We awoke the next day to find it had snowed........noooooooooo!!!! Feeling optimistic we headed to the airport with a large stock of food in case of a long wait but the flight left only one hour late. Sooooo can fly in snow but not rain....interesting.

Sucre was great. A beautiful and relaxed town and we were so happy to be there after La Paz, which we both really disliked. It was nice and warm and all we did was wander around, drink beer and eat chocolate. Apparently Sucre is famous for its chocolate but we were rather unimpressed. Even Whittakers is better!! mmmmm I miss Whittakers [ present....cough]

From Sucre is was south to Potosi, where the famous Cerro Rico silver mines are. After wastching a movie about a boy who works in the mines and having much debate we decided not to visit them. Personally, I do not agree with making something like that into tourism. So instead we went to a hot pool - much better!! We went to the lagoon called The Eye of the Inca and had a lovely time eating our lunch, lazing in the water and enjoying the beautiful scenery. Much better then going down a dirty mine.

From Potosi is was south again to Uyuni and the famous salt flats.

Gosh what lovely weather!! But still smiling.

The sun is starting to come out.

Scenery on the raod to Potosi

View from the Eye of the Inca lagoon
Enjoying a warm soak and looking at the nice rocks.
Soaking and trying to look cool in his sunnies.
Hot pools make us smile.
It was blanket washing day out at the lagoon and families were picnicing while they waited for them to dry.

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  1. What's with the plastic drink bottles in the water?