Saturday, 7 September 2013

Peru Trekking - Salkantay

After escaping the steamy  mosquito infested jungle and heading for the thin air of the highlands we had to get a bus back into Peru to start our trek in Cusco. This involved a ten hour bus journey to Puno and another ten hour journey to Cusco. We would loved to have flown from La Paz but it was ridiculously expensive!! So we braved the buses and concentrated on the lovely scenery passing by the window.

We stayed at a lovely hostel recommended to us by Louise and Emily whilst on our Pampas tour. Most of the time in Cusco before our trek was spent trying to get enough money out of the banks to be able to pay for the damn thing. I kid you not this took 6 hours!!! Three different banks, walking all over town, a chat to the hostel owner, A LOT of time queuing and finally being pointed in the right direction. Once we knew where to go it took all of 5 minutes to get the money......FINALLY......but also a day wasted grrrrrr

Anywho, the trekking was FABULOUS!! Seven days beautiful scenery and amazing food. We had decided that 4 days on the Inca Trail was not enough so choose a trek that combined the Salkantay and Inca trails. Totally worth it. The two treks are totally different and special in their own special special way.

To try and describe all the things that happened while we were walking would take up tooooo much time and space and all anyone wants to look at are the photos anyway. So just ask us when we get back. OK.

Some bulletpoints about Salkantay

  • Bruce was unwell for the first 3 days. I took care of him in the mean way. As in forcing water and food down him. He got better after taking some random drugs we were carrying with us.
  • Turns out we walk faster than most people and we kept turning up to camp too early and making the cook very flustered. This also lead to us breaking the schedule and doing our won thing but it was much better that way.
  • We had one guide, one cook, one cooks assistant and a horse boy, with his mules, for the first three days.
  • We passed over Salkantay pass at 5100m, which is definitely the highest I have ever walked and I was very proud of both of us.
  • The whole trek was high, dry and mountainous. Also quite cold!!
  • We saw no other trekkers the whole time. The usual Salkantay trek goes a different way and most people are not silly enough the pay the price we did!!
  • There are cows at 4500m and higher, just wandering around. So weird
I cannot access the map at the moment that gives me the name of all the mountains but I will update it when I can.
Bruce and Hever walking on the second day.


View towards where the other Salkantay trekkers walk
Woohoo lunchtime!!
(I had nearly thrown a tantrum before this due to EXTREME hunger. Not a good idea to let me get hungry)

Bruce and Hever just before Salkantay pass.

Woohoo!! At the pass with Salkantay behind.

Our mules and helpers.
Early morning photoshoot (yes Bruce was still in bed)

Inca Canal

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