Monday, 9 September 2013

Peru trekking - Inca Trail

After three days in the serenity of the Salkantay we joined the Inca trail at Wayllabamba, this was still pretty serene because we were ahead of the usual Inca trail walkers who had to start further down the track (muhahahaha!!). We said goodbye to the horseboy and waited in the sunshine for our porters to turn up with the food for our lunch. Once again we were early so they were all running around like crazy. The porters are a funny bunch. Always laughing and chatting. With our tour company they all dress in red and walk together, so when you see them on the track they look like a bunch of Santa's with their big bags. One of the reasons we choose our company was on how it treats its porters, which seemed to be a lot better than the other companies.

The Inca Trail was very different. Firstly, there are a lot more people! Also most of it is paved with stones and has steps (yuk!). After the heights of the Salkantay we found it easy and the days were not very long. We managed to stay ahead of the bunch and at the campsites where there were not to many people.

As you can expect there was more wonderful scenery, more great food and some Inca ruins thrown in for good measure. These constructions sure are special and it is crazy seeing and imagining the huge amount of work that went into constructing the buildings and terraces. Initially I was disappointed with the workmanship because I had always heard that Inca stonework is amazing and you cannot even get a knife between the blocks. It soon became clear the there are different types and as we got closer to Machu Picchu the stonework became everything I had heard it would be.

Soooooo more photos. And if you want some stories then feel free to be our friends when we get home and ask us. We will probably ask you to feed us in return because we will be poor starving travellers [sad face].

However, I will tell you that I have had the pleasure of being sick in the middle of Machu Picchu. SO classy Greer!! Felt a lot better afterwards and also after I saw a woman being sick in the main square in front of a lot of people. Yussss I am not alone.

The porters looking like Santas coming up the trail.
Inca ruin
And another one looking misty and mysterious

The trail runs through the rocks (nice rocks too)

Stepping out on the Inca Trail

Our porters. A wonderful bunch.
.......and more steps
Yeah I guess that is quite impressive
Laxing out.
Ok our cook managed to make a cake using just a gas ring. WHAT!! Bruce was so happy, I think he ate half of it.

2nd cook Benedicto
The kitchen with our cook Balbino all dressed up in his whites. And yes he wore them every night.
The food that came out of the kitchen. Seriously just cooking on a gas ring. Amazing!!
The mature people visit Machu Picchu
Noice stonework!
Despite appearances Bruce has not been photoshopped onto this picture

Soldiering on after 'having a turn'

Enjoying a well deserved beer in Aguas Caliente


  1. Poor starving travellers? You keep going on about the great food! I'll exchange you a bottle of Sloe Gin instead for a story, or two... deal?! xxx

  2. Your porters are adorable. A bit disappointed that Bruce insists on not matching with the rest of you though. I like how the chef is taking his job super seriously. I thought south American cake was arse?

    Dave would be so impressed with that stonework.

    Vom in Machu Picchu. Greer!

    You take awesome photos.