Saturday, 27 July 2013

Central Peru - Huancayo and Hauncavelica

Sorry about the slacker blog posting but we have been a bit out of computer access (for photos) and having too much fun to be too bothered about it to be honest.

From Lima we caught a bus up to Huancayo, which is at 3300m I think. From sea level it was a bit of shock to the system and I am not so good with altitude it turns out. Bruce is fine but do not say anything or he will get a big head. The reason we were going to Huancayo was so we could catch the train to Huancavelica (even higher), which was amazing!!!

So nice to get out of the city and up into the high altitude sunshine. It was really nice to get into some areas where they do not normally get tourists. We got stared at but not in a I-am-going-to-rob-you way.

Mooched around the towns, watched MORE marches, sat in the plaza and watched the world go by, ate lots of good food (seriously the food here is delicious), drank a lot of coca tea and enjoyed the scenery and the friendly people.

Photos are not in order I am sorry but you get the gist. Lots of train scenery that I have not labelled because I am too lazy.

Mosaic - Huancayo

More cute kids dressed up in the parade - Huancavelica

Ladies dancing. The women are often dressed up beautifully.

Semi-traditional dress - Huancavelica

A train ride - how exciting!!!

All the excitement is too much.

I like to think this lady is selling rocks. A very important profession!


  1. FUN!!! It looks amazing!! I think Paddy would buy a rock, he loves them. I, not so much.

  2. Goddamn! I want... It's just... Nnngggrrr... The awesomeness of this post has stolen my words. You guys are fucking adorable xxxx

  3. Hooray for the latest blog - I'm loving them... and you guys! Looks like you're having a fantastic time. Big love to you both xxx

  4. Brilliant pics-amazing. I see boywonder hasn't woken up yet to write on the blog!!!!Ha!ha!