Monday, 29 July 2013

Nazca, Peru

From the sand dunes we continued south through the desert to Nazca. The bus rides lately have been pretty short (1 to 3 hours) so we have just been hopping on the local buses and not worrying about booking the ´safe´ more touristy ones. Sure makes for a more interesting journey!!! I spent most of the time on this journey trying to figure out what music on my ipod best suited travelling though a desert - this is still  a work in progress but I was leaning towards Old Crow Medicine Show or An Emerald City. Will keep you posted.

We were obviously in Nazca to see the Nazca Lines (like everyone else). You would think it is a really touristy place but it is not actually that bad and we both really enjoyed our brief stay in town. The hostel was nice, the sun was shining, there was ice cream everywhere and we never felt unsafe no matter where we walked. We would loved to have stayed longer but time is a marching on.......

So I have included our photos of the Nazca Lines, which, amazingly, look like everyones elses photos of the Nazca Lines. Gosh who would have thought!!! We were up in the last flight that day and in  tiny plane it sure was a near vomit-inducing experience. They have to do crazy loops and swerves in the plane so that everyone gets a glimpse of each pattern. I for one was glad I had not had lunch!! It was AMAZING to actually see the lines, after thinking of them as a far off and exotic thing that appears in the National Geographic.

My favourites were the tree and the condor. Bruce is being typically indecisive and cannot decide between the monkey and the hummingbird.

Tree and Hand


  1. Well you know what I would have been like on the plane!!!!!Whose leg did you grab!!!!XXXX

  2. Condor... reminds me of Cities of Gold! (TV programme from the 80s - you maybe too young!)