Monday, 24 October 2011

Whidbey and San Juan Islands: First Taste of the USA

So the first American I meet is the customs guys at the ferry from Sidney, B.C. He called me Doll and proceeded to give me a massive rant about how we (in New Zealand) should be mining and drilling for all out resources because we needed the money and resources to get us into space so could find new planets to live on. I kid you not!!! Was this going to set the tone for my entire US trip? hmmmmmm

The trip through the San Juan Islands and Whidbey Island was pretty nice and not full of crazies. Though the middle aged women on these islands made me think there might be. Everyone was like 'be careful' and then would give me a look. I was a bundle of nerves as a rode towards Seattle thinking that everyone is either trying to run me over, steal my bike or assault my person........However, I arrived unscathed.

The islands are beautiful even in the rain and very laid back. Everyone gave me heaps of room and waved when going past in the other direction.

Bye Canada........byeeeeeee (waving). Ferry from Sidney to San Juan Island.

Mmmmmmmm pretty clouds. San Juan Island Ferry.

Aawwww look at the pretty trees. Roche Harbor, San Juan Island.

Camping at San Juan County Park.

Puzzles!!!! Washington State Ferries.

Deception Pass Bridge to Whidbey Island.

Washington = Evergreen = Ever Raining

MFM: San Juan Islands

MFM: Whidbey Island

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  1. Oh USA, your people are crazy. Although I do think the ranter made a good point you know, it would be ever so useful to find another planet to hang out on.