Thursday, 6 October 2011

Thank You Vancouver!!!!!.....

• my first taste of poutine
• teaching me to cycle on the right hand side of the road
• a good fist fight at my first ice hockey game
• chocolate milk in a glass bottle
• People of a Feather at the Vancouver International Film Festival (see it if you can!!)
• the awesome cycling lanes and the leafy green streets and parks
• Mountain Equipment Co-op - I would marry this store if I could and bask in its outdoor equipment goodness!!!
• Kissing Crows Cycles for fixing my bike
• Sarah and Erin for putting me up in their house and answering all of my stupid questions about Canada and Vancouver

Maybe one day I will be back and I hope that day is a sunny one!! Apparently the city is surrounded by mountains but I did not see any.


  1. Poutine is so good. I've always wondered wy it hasn't taken off here (prob something to do with the silly french name..)


  2. Hey hey man am I jelous or what