Thursday, 6 October 2011

Cycle Touring Leg #1 - Sunshine Coast and Vancouver Island

Today (thursday) marks the first day I start on my real holiday and stop lazing around Sarah's house in Vancouver. Listed below is the general idea of what I am going to be up too for the next 1 to 2 weeks.

• cycle and ferry up the Sunshine Coast NE of Vancouver to Powell River
• ferry from Powell River to Comox on Vancouver Island
• cycle across the island to the Pacific Rim National Park on the west coast and back
• cycle the east coast of Vancouver Island to Victoria for some clothes washing, cold beer and a real bed

Have a geez at that on Google Earth and I will catch y'all!!!


  1. Great idea, this blog! Nice that for the moment you are in a place we have been to. Loved Canada - so law abiding. Even the Hashers had to hide their beers when they drank in public places. Arohanui.

  2. you know what's just over the ditch from Victoria . . . vampire-ville! You know you want to.