Thursday, 22 August 2013

Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

From Puno we crossed the border into Bolivia. Woohoo more stamps in the passport.

The town closest to Isla Del Sol is called Copacabana but has no resemblance to the song. We had a night is a very nice hostel and then off to the island for the day. We decided to stay on the island for one night to try and escape the rush of people trying to get across the island between boat trips. The island is beautiful and sunny with glorious views of the the Bolivia mountains. Spent the day walking the length of the island and relaxing in the sun. There are some Inca sites, which are the first we have encountered on our trip. It was a bit of a mission finding food and a place to stay because everywhere seems really expensive due to it being a tourist island. Also with the new currency everyone seems VERY expensive, until you convert it back to NZD of course.

We had one night on the island and then headed back to the mainland to get the bus to La Paz. Unfortunately in the time we had been away a festival had begun in town and the main purpose of people seems to be to come and steal stuff. We had one small bag stolen with my SLR camera in it. That is why there are not many photos for this place sorry. Luckily we still had our passports, money and credit cards and we were both ok. Was pretty annoying to have to deal with the police and stay in town another night. All in all not a good experience but we survived and have learnt from it. Still have one camera in tow and each other so we carry on............

Views from the top

Breakfast time


  1. I see Bruce is tanning up nicely...

  2. ....and that beard slowly blossoming too!
    Make sure your arms don't get as red mind..ho ho! :-)

    Sorry to hear of your bad news; have been there once myself so know how frustrating it is. Still at least you have the essentials so it's onward and upward and upward some more...any Inca news soon? Hope the altitude fever keeps itself at bay...just take it easy you have stacks of time....enjoy you lucky...travellers.