Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Lake Titiacaca - Peru

Our visit to the Peruvian portion on Lake Titicaca included a day trip to the Uros and Taquile Islands. The Uros Islands are the famous floating islands and in line with this Puno (the closest town) is overrun by tourists and companies offering tours. As we have learnt from previous experience (Colca Canyon) you do not actually have to take a tour and is always cheaper and normally more fun to figure it out for yourself. Following this line of thinking we headed to the wharf in Puno and had a look around. We ended up getting on a community boat owned by the Taquile Islands. It always feels better to support a community effort rather than a tour company.

The boat took us to the Uros Islands for about half an hour, which is totally enough!!  Here we got an explanation, in Spanish, about how the islands are built and about the people that live on them. Time to take a few photos, look at the products the islanders are trying to sell and hop back onto the boat. It sure is a slick operation and though it is very touristy it was great to see the islands (another National Geographic experience). And as always the sun was shining!!!

Taquile Island is also set up for tourists. Everyone arrives at about 11am, has lunch (fried trout), buys some knitted garments and then leaves at about 2pm. I am sure outside of these times it is a peaceful place. The island is famous for its cloth and knitted hats etc. All the men knit and most people are wandering around or sitting gossiping and knitting at the same time. There was some dancing on when we were there but we were not sure if it was a festival or for the tourists. Either wasy they did not look like they were having a good time. The view of the mountains in Bolivia was amazing and the climate and colour of the water made me feel like we were in Europe somewhere.

All in all a fabulous day had by all in the sunshine. Stayed in Puno to enjoy the sunshine and the sights. Also eat to eat jelly. Seriously they sell jelly as a snack!!!! OMG makes me so happy. Ladies with trays walking around yelling "latinas, latinas"  yes please!!!

Onwards to Bolivia!!!!

Laguna Lagunillas, on the way to Puno

Reed boat, Uros Islands

Uros Islanders

Uros Islands

Dancing, Taquile Island

Taquile Island

Taquile Island

Taquile Island

Puerto, Taquile Island

Enjoying latinas (jelly) at the Plaze Del Armas, Puno

Puno with Lake Titicaca in background

Gingery beard (on Bruce not me)

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