Saturday, 2 November 2013

Rio Tranquillo and Sexy Rocks

After being gruuuuumpy yesterday and not feeling the cycling love we decided to stay an extra day in Rio Tranquillo and take in a tour of the marble caverns for which the town in famous (maybe only in Chile though).

The tour took a total of 2 hours on the boat and the caverns were beautiful. Well of course all rock is lovely but these ones were especially so. The marble was beautiful white and grey shades and had been carved into awesome shapes by the water. The water all around was a translucent turquoise.

Really stunning all around.

Then we had a lovely afternoon relaxing in the sun, reading and taking a wander around town and to the lake. Also aired out all our gear in the sunshine, which is always good for it. Bought some more groceries and packed ready for cycling tomorrow. Both of us now in a much better frame of mind for hitting the raod again.

I heart rocks

Rio Tranquillo Cemetery


  1. Rock porn? Not sure you should post such filth!!!

  2. Think you should be displaying a 'movember' bro to keep a loose connection with the UK month but more importantly keep us entertained! :-)

  3. If you guys ever need inspiration watch the short film by Kyle Dempster called The Road from Karakol.